Change to Call Center Business Hours

Types of tickets that can be entered during specific hours

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What's the Change?

TN811’s call center will no longer accept normal locate requests,  design requests, or updates/renewals by phone before 6 AM and after   6 PM (Central Time) during the week and all day on weekends and recognized holidays.

The call center WILL continue to accept emergency locate requests and second notices, around the clock (24/7/365).

When will the change take effect?

January 1st, 2020

What are the new business hours for normal locate requests?

For phone call requests, 6 AM - 6 PM, Central Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

However, Normal locate requests can be submitted 24/7/365 through one of the Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) options listed to the right.

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What holidays does the call center recognize?

The call center will NOT accept normal locate requests by phone on these holidays:

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day Observed (which in 2021 falls on Christmas Eve day - SEE NOTE BELOW)

Christmas Day

The call center WILL accept normal locate requests by phone on the following holidays, but the holiday will not count as a working day in the calculation of a ticket’s valid date:

Martin Luther King Day

Presidents Day

Good Friday

Columbus Day

Veterans Day

The day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve do not have an impact on the three working days that a utility (or their contract locator) has to respond to a locate request. The call center will treat both as normal business days and will accept normal locate requests by phone during the business hours listed above.

NOTE:   Christmas Eve 2021 will be an observed holiday because Christmas Day falls on a Saturday. The call center will not accept normal tickets by phone and the day will not count as a working day in the calculation of a ticket's valid date.

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Is there an alternate way to submit normal locate requests outside of business hours?

You can submit new locate requests around the clock using one of our online Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) options:

E-TICKET register online and submit a normal locate request from your smartphone or computer. Locate Request Agents in the call center review each e-ticket for accuracy and you’ll receive a notification by email when your ticket is processed. Your ticket will be processed by 3 PM on the following business day if it includes all of the required information.

REMOTE TICKET ENTRY register with our trainer and submit normal locate requests without waiting for approval by our agents. You can also update/renew existing locate requests through the online portal.

How can I check the status of a locate request?

Use the Find Ticket feature in our ticket portal to check the status of a locate request any time, day or night.