E-Ticket & HomeOwner Ticket

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The E-Ticket System lets you submit a new locate request online.

The E-Ticket System is not live, so before being dispatched to locators, an E-Ticket will be reviewed by TN811 staff.

Click here to enter a HomeOwner Ticket... (then use link in upper right corner on next page)

Click here to use the NEW E-Ticket System (for Excavators, Contractor & Utilities)... (then use link in upper right corner on next page)


Over the coming days, we will be bringing the current E-ticket system, in-house, which means you will see a few changes.

Effective immediately, we will begin offering "Homeowner Tickets".  This is for homeowners or residents, doing locates for their property.   It will no longer require creating an account to submit a request and will still be wizard driven to help our users.

The HomeOwner Ticket is for Homeowners & Residents, doing excavation, or digging work, on their property and for submitting a locate request with Tennessee 811.

It is important to note that - contractors, utility companies, or any other excavator doing any work for property OTHER than their own, should NOT use this entry method.  You will not be able to enter it under your company's name and will risk liability issues.  HomeOwner tickets should only be used by the homeowner or resident.

Our current application will remain in effect through January 31st, 2022, to give our current users time to activate an account in the new portal.

As we start migrating our existing commercial excavators to a new portal system please use this link to sign up for an account in the new E-Ticket system...

TN811 Live Portal Link

During this time, the current excavator E-ticket users are highly encouraged to view the training documentation and tutorial information at the following link...

TN811 Remote Ticket Entry Training Info

We'd also be happy to set up online training for you with someone from our Portal Team.

Excavators will be limited to a max of 30 tickets per company, per day.  Higher volume users should consider using our Remote Ticket Entry Portal. 

RTE locates are processed by the authorized users in "real-time" from start to finish - including receiving their ticket number.   Once the initial training period is completed, there are no limitation on the number of tickets that may be entered.