Fees For Membership

Fee explanation - 2021

 2021 Billing:

 Every member utility pays an administrative fee of $250 per member code for database maintenance.

We use a percentage of impact billing model. This means if a member receives 5% of the billable volume, they will pay 5% of the board-approved budget.

This billing model allows a member to receive locate requests in multiple locations at no additional cost, so long as all locate requests are delivered electronically via email, FTP, KorWeb, or similar.

If a member receives a ticket electronically and to a fax output, they will be billed twice for that one ticket – once for the electronic copy and once for the fax copy.


2021’s billable ticket volume is 5,140,774 and the annual budget is $6,940,045.

Let’s say that member ABC receives 10,000 locate requests which is equal to .195% of the billable ticket volume: $6,940,045 x .00195 = $13,533.08

Added to this is the $250 administrative fee resulting in a total invoice of $13,783.08.

The minimum member fee is $250 per year. To be invoiced as a minimum member, the member must receive less than 100 notifications in the year. If the notification count is 100 or above, the member will pay for all tickets, including the first 100.

Our billing cycle is October 1st – September 30th each year and invoices are sent in late November or early December.

Additional Fees May Be Incurred

If a member elects to receive their notifications by fax, they will be charged an additional $0.25 for each of those notifications.

If a member elects to receive a phone call (voice) notification on emergency tickets (emergency callouts) the member will be charged an additional $1.00 for each call they receive.

Fax and emergency callout fees will be invoiced annually.

If a member uses a contract locator to mark their lines, the utility is considered the member and the utility will be responsible for the invoicing described above.