MSAM (Member Service Area Mapping)

 Member Service Area Mapping, allows a member utility of TN811 to view their own database on-line for verification, OR to make and submit changes.

The member utility must contact Tennessee 811, for login and password information before accessing the data. 

If you are a Member Utility Company with Tennessee 811, and would like access to viewing your own utility database, on-line, please fill in the form below OR call us at 615-367-1110 (x7113, x7120, or x7126). 

  • When viewing your data, keep in mind that any changes made on any particular day, will not be seen until the next business day. We only upload the changes to this viewing website once per day, which happens at night.

  • Your "live" database will be pushed into production before you are able to view it on the MSAM website.

  • You must contact the center to obtain a user id and password to view and edit your data.

  • You cannot make "real-time" changes to your database. You can, however, view OR edit your database using the tools supplied on the webpage. These editing tools and views, allow a member utility to SUBMIT changes to ones own database.

  • This is a free service we offer to member utilities of TN811. 

  • NOTE - If you do not supply a valid member code in the request form, your request will automatically be denied.

MSAM Access Request Form