Positive Response Information

On Nov. 7, 2017, TN811 migrated to a new Positive Response System.

(Please Review the short tutorial on the new system.)

Tutorial...click here

 For those companies that use an "automated response" system to respond to the PR system, please contact the call center at (615) 367-1110, and ask for the IT/GIS dept., to obtain a document outlining the process needed for your system to respond.

 In accordance with the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act Section 65-31-108 (b), all member utilities are required to notify Tennessee One Call System that the operator (the member utility) has marked the approximate location of its underground facilities as required by this section or that the operator has no underground facilities in the proposed area of excavation.

Effective Jan. 1, 2008, all members will be mandated to Positively Respond to the Positive Response System. 

Use the online portal provided, or use your own, in-house ticket management system.

For member utilities that want to start using the system in the manual, web-entry mode, please contact us at the center for your user logins and password. 

Anyone may obtain completion information concerning their locates by going online, to view the response to tickets. As the member utilities respond to tickets using the Positive Response System, the status of the tickets will automatically update. If you are just using the Positive Response System to search the status of a ticket(s), no login ID or password is required. 

For utilities that receive a high volume of tickets and use automated methods of receiving and ticket management, your best bet will be an automated upload to the positive response servers. A document can be sent to you outlining the format that the responses need to follow for correct entry into the positive response system. Please contact the center if you would like a copy of the format document emailed to you.

If anyone has any questions, please contact:

Craig Ingram, Public Awareness Mgr, 615-367-1110 ext. 7102, ( cingram@tennessee811.com ) 

Jason Fryer, Liaison, 615-367-1110 ext. 7140, ( jfryer@tennessee811.com )

Kathy Quartermaine, Liaison, 615-367-1110, ext 7180, (kathy.quartermaine@tennessee811.com )

Jason Kouba, Liaison, 615-367-1110, ext 7186, (jkouba@tennessee811.com)

Craig, Jason, Jason, or Kathy can also provide Training, Login and password information.