Remote Ticket Entry Information:

 Tennessee 811’s Remote Ticket Entry Portal (RTE) is a free online program that we offer to anyone excavating who would like the convenience to enter and update their own locate requests. RTE is a web-based application and users are encouraged to use the Google Chrome browser.

  • RTE is fast, convenient and easy to use. New locate requests may be entered or existing tickets updated, at any time by users from their work, home or mobile office without delay.

  • Users enter their own information onto the ticket request form and have access to the same maps that our Tennessee 811 Locate Request Agents use.

  • RTE provides an alternative to calling Tennessee 811 and waiting on hold during busy calling periods.

  • RTE users are provided a list of utility companies that will be notified, and their Tennessee 811 ticket number immediately after the locate request is submitted. 

  • RTE users can print out a copy of the locate request for their records, or to send to the jobsite. 

  • RTE users can access locate requests previously submitted, or called in, by themselves, or by other callers from their company. 

 If you have questions regarding Tennessee 811’s Remote Ticket Entry Program call 811 for more information

or email:

Remote Ticket Entry Training:

Training to use this portal is free!!

 To start your training view the tutorials listed below. The video Remote Ticket Entry Training Video will show you how to Find Tickets, Enter, Update and Copy Tickets. The video titled "Updating a Ticket" goes into more detail on the process of Updating Tickets.

After watching the videos, download the Training documentation. Inside the document labelled, "Users Guide", you will find the log-in information for logging into our Training Portal. Once logged into this portal, feel free to enter and update as many tickets as you would like.

The same policies must be followed when entering and updating tickets in our portal as you follow when you call in a ticket.

After viewing this information, if you feel no further training is necessary, return your "signed" disclaimers to: Your permissions will be sent and you will be contacted to finalize your log-in to the Live Portal.

If you prefer, personalized training classes are available. Classes are done online, and typically take about 1.5 hours.

While working in the portal (Live or Training), feel free to use "Live Chat" for any questions.

If you have questions when logging into the training portal please call 811 or email

Remote ticket entry resources:

Training Documents


Training Documents

Function Key List

Keyboard Shortcuts For Portal Use

Training Videos

Introduction to RTE Video

Training Video


Unnamed Roads

Updating a Ticket


Mileage Locate Ticket

Intersecting Roads

Interstates & Divided Hwys

Apartment Complex

CrossCounty Locates & using GPS coordinates

OffSet Property